Interviewing and Applying Tips

  1. Dress appropriately.
    Being well groomed and dress always make a good impression.

  2. Arrive on time.
    Be sure to arrive at least 10 minutes before the interview.

  3. Turn off your cell phone.
    Cell phone conversations, particularly when calls are personal, are not part of the meeting agenda.

  4. Arrive with a resume, contact information, and/or business card.

  5. A firm handshake sets the stage.
    The proper handshake often sets the stage for the first impression.

  6. Be confident.
    Smile, look the employer in the eye, shake hands, and sit down when directed.

  7. Be enthusiastic.
    Communicate with interest and energy during the job interview.

  8. Be prepared.
    Be prepared for questions regarding past jobs and any future expectations you may have.

  9. Stick to job performance and work history.
    You don’t have to answer interview questions that don’t relate to job performance or work history.

  10. Keep answers brief.
    While you want to make sure you effectively communicate your background and skills, try to make answers to interview questions brief but filled with information.

  11. Turn every negative into a positive.

  12. Complete the interview.
    Finish the interview with your questions about the job or the associated duties.

  13. Follow up.
    Send a thank you note.